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To have exceptional healthcare services and Logistics that enhances the well-being of our communities and create local opportunities around the world

Our Mission

To develop and empower creative Healthcare leaders in every level of organization who will through compassion, passion transform the world through innovation, services and partnership

About us

At PRECIOUSHEART GLOBAL SERVICES LTD (Company number 12830927), we are a dedicated provider of healthcare logistics services, committed to delivering efficient and reliable solutions for the transportation, storage, and distribution of medical supplies, equipment, and resources. With a focus on optimizing supply chains, leveraging advanced technologies, and fostering strong partnerships, we strive to enhance accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare delivery. Our team is driven by a passion for supporting the well-being of individuals and communities, making a positive impact on the overall healthcare ecosystem through seamless logistics operations.

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Our Values


Diversity and Inclusion

I believe in the inherent value of diversity and inclusion, as they foster innovation, understanding, and equity, ultimately creating stronger and more harmonious communities.


Health Equity

We prioritize health equity as a fundamental principle, striving for fair and equal access to healthcare resources and opportunities to promote well-being for all individuals.


Over 20 Years in Business

Safety is of utmost importance to us, as we believe in creating and maintaining secure environments that protect the well-being and welfare of individuals.



Philanthropy holds great significance to us, as we believe in using resources and efforts to make a positive impact on the well-being and welfare of others, especially those in need.



Being trustworthy is a core value to us, as we strive to consistently demonstrate reliability, integrity, and honesty in all interactions and uphold the trust placed in us.



We take ownership of our actions, accept responsibility for their outcomes, and we are committed to learning and growing from my mistakes.


Professional fulfilment

Professional fulfilment is a guiding value for us, as we aim to find meaning, satisfaction, and personal growth in our work, contributing to both our own development and the success of the organizations and individuals we serve.

Our Services

We specialize in delivering logistics services to healthcare organizations, hospitals, as well as homes catering to individuals with autism, children with special needs, individuals with learning disabilities, and other individuals with unique requirements.


Autism Homes

As a provider of logistics services to Autism Homes, our primary focus is on ensuring the smooth and efficient management of supply chains for organizations that cater to individuals with autism.


Healthcare Organization

We specialize in delivering comprehensive logistics solutions to healthcare organizations, supporting their critical operations by optimizing supply chain management, transportation, and distribution of medical supplies and equipment.



We provide hospitals with efficient and reliable logistics services, streamlining the transportation, storage, and distribution of medical supplies and equipment to support their critical healthcare operations.


Special Need Individuals

Our logistics services are dedicated to meeting the unique supply chain requirements of organizations serving special needs individuals, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of essential resources and services.


Learning Disabilities

Our logistics services cater specifically to organizations serving individuals with learning disabilities, ensuring the seamless delivery of resources and support to enhance their learning experiences and overall well-being.


General Health

We offer comprehensive logistics services to support general health initiatives, ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of healthcare products and services to enhance overall well-being.

Healthcare Delivery Services.

In this demanding field, our focus is on optimizing logistics operations to enhance accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare services. This involves streamlining transportation routes, implementing robust inventory management systems, and leveraging advanced technologies to track and monitor shipments in real-time. By doing so, we can reduce delivery times, minimize product loss or damage, and ensure the availability of critical supplies when and where they are needed most.

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